i got an idea. lets do a confession tag. everyone has to confess something about themselves and tag someone. you just reblog this post ever time so we get an overview.

1. As kid I have cut my hair very short (twice) just to upset my parents.

i tag: thisisjustjared ,

When i was 6 (and much, much braver than i am now) i was playing in the garden and i saw a frog so i picked up to give it a hug and i must have squeezed to hard cuz the poor thing stopped moving and my mom came out an told me it was dead and i cried for days😳🐸 I tagggg:
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Lmao you killed a frog😢😂 rlly can’t think of anything but when I was younger I never used to wanna pray so I used to go to my room and get into sujood for five minutes until someone walked past and saw me ‘praying’ everyone used to say “MashAllah! May never misses a prayer” but I was so haram smh 😭🏃 I wanna tag everyone but cba man
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Looool I used to do that too!! I can’t think of much but when I was around 5 I peed myself round my Nona’s and because I was wearing a dress no one could tell it was me So still to this day everyone thinks it was my cousin spilling his drink😭
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I was jealous of my brother when he was born so I’d tell my mum to leave him in a box outside the local grocery store.
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At a rave with the squad in the toilets playfighting and I accidently put a hole in the door, loud bang and bouncer turns up asking us if we know who did it I say a big black don with no hair and shades and he leads us out onto the dancefloor and spots someone with the exact same description and asks if its him, we say yeah and the bouncer throws him out and police nick him 5 minutes later and they find a Q of white on him.

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when i was like 9 i locked a bitch in a cabinet bc she was annoying as hell then people heard her screaming in the block and i heard people where looking for me.. i deadass thought i was going to jail and didn’t play outside for like a month i was paranoid as hell.. whenever i heard the feds i would duck not even kidding (she moved thank god i didn’t see her) lmaooo maryjblogz cherishripe im-lil-g onthatslither soulfulmessiah survivingfailure

Didn’t read that other shit and wasn’t gonna do this,lol but fuxk it… I beat the fuck outta my moms boyfriend when i was 16 for comin in the crib talkin that smart shit beastin on my moms. Nigga threatened to shoot me. But I’m still here


Auntie Fee’s new video - Baked Chicken

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